The installation of opening fillings, i.e. windows and doors, should be left to the professionals, because the performance of the windows and doors depends on it and, most importantly, the heat retention of the entire building.

An incorrectly installed window and door is a problem for the entire building in the long run.

The window and door must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Our team is trained to perform installations according to the installation standards of major manufacturers and has undergone various trainings, e.g.: foaming, vapor barrier/wind barrier tape installation, Triotherm installation, use of SFS carriers.

In addition, we have long-term experience in the organization and project management of installation works.

The opening must be correct and meet the scale and bearing requirements.

We make the installation opening according to the assembly drawings (DET drawings) and, if necessary, we design and change them in cooperation with manufacturers.

We offer:

  • Construction of a wooden box in which we will later install a window.
  • Construction of the Triotherm mounting hole or installation of the bearing surface.

Provision of transport service from production to the customer’s site.

Transport/lifts to the floors by arrangement

We install glass-module partitions.

We offer glass solutions on a project basis:

  • Measurement
  • Consultation
  • Designing
  • Production
  • Installation

We silicone various joints. E.g. glass joints, boats.

We install window and door moldings. We offer this service if we have installed the corresponding windows and doors ourselves.

If necessary, we also carry out removal and disposal of old windows and doors from the site of installation works

We maintain, adjust and repair windows and glass doors of most manufacturers.

Prices for maintenance and adjustment from €24.50 for an openable frame.

Proper maintenance extends the life of the window and door by almost 50% and ensures the correct performance of the product.